Support a Kenyan Family

Drought in Laikipia this spring.

The Story

I write in hopes of expanding the “giving circle” for a friend in Kenya.

Maison (pronounced like “my son”), who was one of my dissertation research assistants, is a small-scale herder or pastoralist in Laikipia North District.

He’s also a married father of four who supports his widowed mother and three younger siblings.

Maison is in the striped shirt.

Maison and I have stayed in touch for the last 15 years, and his text messages have grown increasingly worrisome over the past several months.

East Africa is facing possible famine after three years of failing rains. While Ethiopia has led the headlines, northern Kenya is affected, too. Food prices are also rising due to Russia’s war against Ukraine.

Maison and his family have a few goats that are still living, but most of his livestock have died.

Can you help support the family?

Maison’s family is hungry, and the kids are out of school because they lack the money for fees and required supplies.

Can you help? (I have sent money as well.)

To give an idea of their household expenses:

  • School costs $1,200/term or $3,600/year*
  • Food costs $400/month or $4,800 per year**

If you wish to donate, please use Zelle/Venmo/Paypal, or email me to work out another method. I will in turn use another app to send the money to Maison.

  • Zelle: 650-996-7306 or
  • Venmo: Eva-KZ
  • Paypal:

Thank you!


Three of Maison’s daughters, his wife, and her sister, April 2022.

P.S. If you care to read more, a UN update on the regional drought is here. The Famine Early Warning System website shows Maison’s area of Laikipia in orange.

* Three of Maison’s children and three of his siblings are school aged.

** There are 10 members of Maison and his mother’s joint household.