Eva Kaye-Zwiebel

Research, Evaluation, Writing


I hold a PhD in Politics from Princeton University with a focus on African politics and development. I pursued community-based research in northern Kenya for over a year, an experience that informs my approach to work and life.

My passion is for face-to-face participatory research that helps generate nuanced understanding for the convener and all participants.

I have also worked in project management (to create an online municipal finance database), program evaluation (of justice sector agencies), and on a variety of social justice, equity, and refugee support projects.

In addition, I have taught, served as a country expert for Varieties of Democracy‘s dataset, and trained with the Voice of Witness oral history program.

I speak French and am a dual US/German citizen. In my free time, I love to read fiction, bake, and chase after my young daughter.

My resume is here.


Kenyan Pastoralist Societies in Transition
Article (2014)

Personal Thoughts After Cville
Blog post (2017)

Development Aid and Public Goods Provision
Dissertation (2011)

A Framework for Ranking Government Fiscal Sustainability
Article (2016)


“Big Ideas” in Political Thought
Syllabus (2021)

Student Resources


Email me at evainkenya[at]gmail[dot]com or connect via LinkedIn or Twitter.