I am a mixed-method researcher, evaluator, and project manager. I organize and execute successful projects through the thoughtful combination of data, technology, and collaboration.

Trained as a political scientist, my focal areas include program design; sub-Saharan Africa (local governance); and justice sector reform (recidivism reduction). I also co-edit Small Stones, a blog of anti-racism, community engagement, and student empowerment resources that aims to foster hope following the 2016 US election.

My focus is making systems function for the wellbeing of their users. There are so many problems with human-serving systems, both public and private, that we rarely know whether they’re capable of meeting their goals. If you’ve ever given up on the phone tree trying to reach your doctor’s office, you know that “uptake” of any social intervention is hampered by low-level problems that drive users away. You have to analyze a system’s outputs and ask its users about it directly in order to understand outcomes. Otherwise, you’re ducking the tough questions.

Please explore this site to learn about my work. You can get in touch with me on LinkedIn or by email.

My Skills

Job functions – Strategic planning • project management • program evaluation • UX • report writing • grants • field research • classroom teaching • international work experience

Research methods – Research design • literature reviews • surveys • case studies • data analysis • focus groups • participatory appraisals • oral history

Languages – French (proficient) • Swahili (adv. beginner) • basics of Arabic, Maasai, Spanish, Wolof