Student Research Resources

Preparing to write a research paper

Locating academic articles

  • A Database | PlosOne has many open access articles
  • A Search engine | Google Scholar
  • Political science publications
  • Most academic libraries have research guides on their websites, with lists of gated and ungated sites that publish current research
  • Many professors publish ungated versions of their papers on their webpages. Or, email them to ask!

Other digital resources

Publishing your work

  • The Concord Review | “The Concord Review is the only quarterly journal in the world to publish the academic research papers of secondary students.”
  • ISSCY | ISSCY holds a competition and offers online publication of social science and humanities research to high school students. Sponsored by WFUNA and the GATSVI challenge.
  • Medium | Medium is a self-publishing website. I posted a nonsense article here.


  • An inspiring law & literature syllabus (here). Because thinking about the big picture is hard to do well and therefore rarely a part of the assignment.