5 Minutes to Make Oakland Safer

In thinking about the recent events in Ferguson, MO and the militarization of the police response, I want to share a survey that my company recently put out and which I took the lead in writing. The Oakland Police Department (OPD) has a problematic history (click here to read a lot of the details), and my company currently holds the contract to evaluate their community policing efforts. If you live in Oakland, please take — and share — the survey!

Do you have 5 Minutes to Make Oakland Safer?

Please take an online survey (English/Español)

Your voice can influence change.Your feedback—positive or negative—helps the Oakland Police Department (OPD) and community stakeholders understand OPD’s activities & relationships with diverse Oakland communities. 
* Survey by RDA and Bright Research Group on behalf of the City of Oakland/Measure Y Evaluation.

Published! Perceptions Affect Conservation

An article that Elizabeth King and I co-authored has been published in Ecology & Society! It’s called Kenyan Pastoralist Societies in Transition and it talks about the role that perceptions of scarcity play in people’s decisions about how to use natural resources (pdf here). Not surprisingly, when people don’t perceive a resource as scarce, they’re less likely to conserve it!

Nose, Meet Grindstone

The morning has gone from sunny to foggy. Not a problem, but oh-so-strange to watch through the window this late in the morning (8:30am). This is a week to push through writing another chapter, so I’m feeling tense. If you know of a tutorial or book detailing the statistical information one is expected to present in academic papers, please let me know. (I am doing ANOVA tests, not regressions; haven’t yet found an example of those in a published paper). I’ve also started collecting postdoc advertisements with deadlines in January and February. The ball is rolling on both the diss and my future life, I “just” need to keep pushing forward.