Project Management
  • GovRank.org  ♦  I led the creation of a data platform promoting transparency in public finance. US Common Sense, 2016. [link]
  • Community Policing Evaluation, City of Oakland  ♦  I designed a survey of community perceptions of the Oakland Police Department. Resource Development Associates, 2014. [link|pdf]
  • A Framework for Ranking State and Municipal Governments on Fiscal Sustainability   ♦  Co-author. US Common Sense, 2016.  [link|pdf]
  • Kenyan Pastoralist Societies in Transition: Perceptions of the Value of Ecosystem Services  ♦  With E. King. Ecology & Society, 2014.  [link|pdf]
  • Development Aid and Community Public Goods Provision: A Study of Pastoralist Communities in Kenya  ♦  Abstract and Chapter 1. Princeton University, 2011. [pdf]
  • The Global Commons  ♦  Occidental College, 2012.  [pdf]
  • Africa in International Affairs  ♦  Occidental College and USC, 2012, 2011.  [pdf]
Book Reviews
  • Familiar Spirits, by Alison Lurie  ♦  Yale Review of Books.  [pdf]
  • Jayber Crow, by Wendell Berry  ♦  Yale Review of Books.  [pdf]