Election 2008: 3 Nov 2008

I am headed back to ‘the field’ tomorrow. The best parts about this are:

  1. There will be 12 hours of sunlight there.
  2. There will be tropical fruit to eat.
  3. The sooner I get there and get working, the sooner I can come home.

I am planning to watch the election returns from Nairobi, where I’ll be waking up on the 5th about the time the polls close in California on the 4th.

I’ve excerpted part of a prayer for voting that I think is very nice. It’s non-partisan and works for multiple faiths, and could even work without the references to God. I have been watching news reports about the fighting in eastern Congo, and so thinking about how easy it is to take peace for granted, especially as the economy falls to pieces.

“With my vote today, I am prepared and intending to seek peace for this country.

May it be Your will that votes will be counted faithfully.

May it be good in Your eyes to give a wise heart to whomever we elect today and may You raise for us a government whose rule is for good and blessing, to bring justice and peace to all the inhabitants of the world.”

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