Kenya Election 2008: Kibaki wins?

7:30am: Kenya’s incumbent President has been declared the winner, but I suspect it isn’t over yet. See also here.

8:00am: Kibaki has apparently had himself sworn in already for his second term.

2:00pm: Violence continues, but no reports on what’s going on in the countryside.

6:30pm: I haven’t found much new news, but the tone of articles published in the last hour is ominous. The US has taken the position that Kenyans should support the outcome of the elections, even though the EU’s election team has said the results are not credible.

I probably haven’t highlighted enough that, from the beginning, there have been grave concerns about Raila Odinga (the opposition candidate) stirring ethnic tensions. The US probably has decided to support Kibaki (the incumbent) because it/we see him as a force for (economic?) stability, and because Raila has some communist sympathies. But we sure do look like unethical hypocrites for supporting the result of election that looks so obviously fiddled. Also, I think it is a move likely to backfire, causing us to be hated by normal Kenyans.

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