Kenya’s vote

8:00am: Kenya’s election is far too close to call, and violence is rising. Nothing to do but watch and wait…

10:00am: Things are looking worse. Hoping for peace. Rioting is not the same as national instability, but it’s still worrisome. Here’s the BBC Africa report.

12:00pm: Signs of vote rigging appear; violence continues.

2:00pm: I am surely the only one following this in so much detail, but am keeping track of things here anyway. This article highlights the fact that Kenya is still let by its independence-era leaders. If Odinga wins, it would be something really new. He is seriously feared, however, as a potential intentional “stirrer” of ethnic tensions. He is already a stirrer without doing anything, because he is non-Kikuyu, meaning a huge number of Kenyans have hopes for a reversal of Kikuyu dominance if he wins. Such a reversal might be a good thing, but it will probably be difficult to achieve peacefully.

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