Fri, 26 Oct 2007

I spent the last two days at a meeting run by the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) for Koija to form a Strategic Plan for community development (meaning business, health, education, and government improvements) for the next 3 to 5 years.

Tonight Lizzie and her friend B. and I watched the full moon rise over a nearby hilltop. It was huge and glowing and very beautiful. I’ve been very happily taking a hot shower every night and continue to sleep pretty soundly.

For lunch yesterday I ate roasted goat meat (very, very fresh; the goat was alive at 8:30am and we ate him at 1pm) over rice. The meat is very tough and fatty and a bit much for me. Today I just had rice with goat broth over it. It has rained a little bit every day since I’ve arrived and been a very livable temperature. I was wrong about Koija’s altitude; we’re at about 5,800 ft, not higher as I had been saying.

I’ve run into my two favorite toddlers here already. They’re my favorites because they aren’t afraid of me. Before six months and after 3 years or so, the kids aren’t frightened of white people, but in between they generally are.

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