Thoughts on my dissertation

I am trying to get down to work on my dissertation. The problem is that a few hours here and there doesn’t cut it for devising a project. I need sustained time for several weeks, and I’m afraid of the jumping in.

It also doesn’t help that I am apprehensive (though excited!) about the research location, which is very rural. There’s no cell phone reception, no landlines, and no roads where I am going. I need to learn how to work a radio for communications and get used to living in a tent.

Also, we’ll be living on an elephant migratory route. Elephants are wonderful when you’re sitting in a car; when you’re walking and they’re walking, they can be deadly. And then there’s the knowledge that there are occasionally armed cattle rustlers moving in and out of the area. While there’s no reason to believe they’ll be interested in me (as one professor said, I don’t look much like a cow), it nevertheless makes me nervous.

On the other hand, all of the above sounds highly adventurous (read: awesome!) for the normally shy likes of me.

My boyfriend’s older sister gave birth to her third child on Wednesday. We went to visit today and I got to hold him while he slept for about an hour.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on my dissertation

  1. elephants are skittish. but you are studying people. and those people don’t get run over, so the odds are strongly in your favor. there are amusing scenarios playing out in my head of people trying to russle you (I know the reality would be quite different, but the absurd is so much more fun than the frightening).


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